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Let's Come to Your Neighborhood


If comfort, convenience, and personalized attention are important to you, then in-home lessons might be the perfect way to unlock your singing potential!



Must be within a 45 mile radius from 76119 zip code

Must be a site member, meaning that you have a login account

Must be a current and active student that has completed at least 10 virtual lessons or 5 in-person lessons

Please note that even if a student meets every requirement, I can still exercise my right to deny a request based on my sole discretion.

*Pricing Disclaimer: As we navigate the ins and outs of this new in-home lesson service, prices may fluctuate until 5/31/24. Price stability should be expected after this date.

There are several reasons why taking voice lessons at home might be a better fit for you than going to a studio:

Overcome nerves in a relaxed environment

Save time and hassle by skipping travel

Get personalized attention tailored to your needs and goals

 Enjoy more flexibility in scheduling

Use your own practice space for a comfortable and smooth learning experience

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