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Helping aspiring singers develop a positive self-image, sing with control, and freely express their artistry!


Meet LaShella Sanders

Voice Teacher & Singer's Empowerment Coach


"The only vocal method that I use is the one I've creatively designed for each individual student to adapt to their unique style, unique mind, and unique set of goals."



"LaShella has been an AMAZING voice teacher. From the moment I walked in, she has always been kind and gentle, while affirming and enthusiastic with her student's growth. As an adult learner who was very shy and nervous about starting a journey of singing, it is so encouraging to have someone cheering you on for something that feels so vulnerable. She tailors each lesson for the goal in mind, and your specific voice. I really feel as if I am racing toward my goal faster than expected, and it has been a ton of fun so far! I feel so lucky to have found LaShella! Her wonderful personality and skills sets are PERFECTLY suited for me as a student!

- Deborah

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