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Voice Teacher | Singer's Support Coach

Where aspiring singers develop a great singing voice and the confidence to own their artistry and positively shine their light!



Welcome singers! I'm a certified voice teacher and singer's support coach. I've been gaining the skills I need to serve you as a professional voice teacher for 8 years and counting. I've extensively studied vocal pedagogy, style and performance, and singer's psychology with one of the most leading voice teachers in today's music industry. As your support coach, I've completed professional training and certification. I also bring over 10 years of my own personal experience sharing valuable principles that I learned during a long trying time in my life when I battled severe anxiety and panic attacks. I learned to take control of negative thinking and speaking and replace them with the word of God, along with loads of other helpful tactics such as developing awareness and effective decision-making skills, using mindfulness, accepting and creating change, goal setting, developing purpose, and much more. I believe these are useful to any singer looking to stop the cycle of a limiting mindset and stand firm in face of the challenges they face on their singing journey. I enjoy serving singers of different ages and abilities, and my desire is to help you to achieve your desired singing voice along with a mind of confidence so that you can shine bright wherever you sing. I will make every lesson count!

(Certificates available upon request)


LaShella Sanders


"LaShella has been an AMAZING voice teacher. From the moment I walked in, she has always been kind and gentle, while affirming and enthusiastic with her student's growth. As an adult learner who was very shy and nervous about starting a journey of singing, it is so encouraging to have someone cheering you on for something that feels so vulnerable. She tailors each lesson for the goal in mind, and your specific voice. I really feel as if I am racing toward my goal faster than expected, and it has been a ton of fun so far! I feel so lucky to have found LaShella! Her wonderful personality and skills sets are PERFECTLY suited for me as a student!

- Deborah Chen


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