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Our Core Values

The Mission




 We will uphold our integrity, treat our clients with kindness, and deliver quality services from a place of authenticity.

My background

My background

Child voice lesson

LaShella Sanders, born and raised in Dallas, TX, is the founder of Ignite Vocal Studio™, a certified voice teacher, a singer's support coach, and an independent recording artist. She also enjoys playing her guitar in her downtime. Her musical journey began as a child singing in elementary school programs and church choir. During her high school years, she was introduced to a local producer who helped her gain experience in the recording studio for the first time. After graduating high school in 2009, LaShella attended Mountain View College and studied digital music production where she learned the use of synthesizers, computers, sequencing, music printing software, multi-track recorders, audio recording software (Cubase, Pro Tools, and Studio One), and other MIDI devices in the notation, arrangement, composition, and performance of music. She used these skills in producing her own music as well as helping other local artists to produce theirs. While spending time in the studio, she simultaneously spent several years as a music teacher for 3–5-year-old students using what is known as the "ColorSoundation" music curriculum which incorporated exposure to a broad range of music genres, as well as an emphasis on listening, singing, and exploring a variety of instruments by utilizing technology and fun character stories. She helped these young students reach a greater understanding of music by focusing on the development of the “ear" along with a “singing voice”, then concentrated on the fundamentals of music notation and rhythm. Over time, this foundation was applied to the study of instruments, singing, and even to basic musical composition and arranging. In 2012, LaShella's singing talent had began to spread by word of mouth, and she was offered a recording contract with a local record label based in Fort Worth, TX where she gained experience as a recording artist while traveling to perform at various venues ranging from small to large ones such as the Omni Theater, performing radio interviews, and attending artist development events. She has been featured and interviewed on KHVN Heaven 97, one of the largest contemporary gospel radio stations serving the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and Mid-Day PraiZe Radio. She has led praise and worship for several years. LaShella continued to help other local artists on their music projects, and she realized that she had more joy serving them in their musical journey rather than promoting her own. There were also several artists that she'd worked with along the way who asked her if she could teach them how to sing. As a result, she was led to pursue becoming a voice teacher. She took on studying vocal pedagogy with one of the leading voice teachers in today's music industry based in New York. During her training, she worked with students of different ages ranged from teenagers to older adults and received comprehensive instruction on all aspects of the voice, vocal technique, and vocal pedagogy; this includes breathing, anatomy, laryngeal studies, vocal registration, vocal science, resonance, posture and alignment, diagnostics, designing vocal exercises, vocal styles, phonetics, singer psychology, and much more. LaShella had discovered a passion for helping others to become better singers.  After completing her studies, she went on to launch her own studio (Ignite Vocal Studio), which was established in 2022. LaShella still resides in Dallas, TX with her husband and two young children and looks forward to building confident singers by teaching voice lessons to students of different ages and abilities.



It is our mission to empower singers and help them to develop confidence in their artistry so they can reach their full potential. 

Singing is empowering and uplifting, and it is my desire that with every lesson my students leave out comforted and encouraged.

My Specialty

I specialize in teaching students how to apply good technique to all styles and genres of music without damaging the voice. I design personalized exercises to address the student's individual needs.

Here is a short list of techniques that we may work on, but aren't limited to: 

  • Breath Management​

  • Resonance Control

  • Blending between registers (Ex: Head voice to flageolet)

  • Volume Control (Ex: Crescendo, Messa Di Voce)

  • Register Control

  • Vocal Agility ( Ex: Riffs & Runs)

  • Pitch Control

.... And so much more!


The prices are as follows:

Vocal Evaluation

$30- Evaluation of Live Prerecorded Performance


Virtual Lesson Prices

$40 - Half Hour Lesson   (Discounted Packages)

$50 - 45 Minute Lesson  (Discounted Packages)

$60 - 60 Minute Lesson  (Discounted Packages)


In-person Lesson Prices

$60 - 60 Minute Lesson

Service Description

Let's go together on the journey of helping you to achieve technical and artistic skills. We will work on vocal technique to help increase your vocal range, correct pitch issues, blend smoothly between registers such as head and chest voice, coordinate belts and achieve mixed voice, improve tonal quality, gain exceptional breath support, explore and master multiple musical and vocal styles, and with time, achieve vocal mastery. 

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please let me know 24 hours in advance. Appointments cancelled after this window will require full compensation.

Adult male voice lesson
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