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Dear Fearful Singer

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

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Here is my first question: Why are you so afraid? Have you stopped lately to ask yourself why?

I get it. Being a singer comes with many different challenges, and one of the biggest challenges that I know singers to struggle with is their confidence. You may feel like you're inadequate for the job, you might find yourself playing the "comparison game" looking left and right at other singers and feeling like you don't measure up. On the other hand, you're not too confident in your singing voice and techniques, so when it's time to stand before your audience, your mind is rushed with thoughts like: "What if I forget the words", "What if I don't hit the right note", "What if my voice cracks", "What if they don't like how I sing?"; what if this and what if that? The list could go on and on.

You may not be confident in the value that you have to offer to the world or the positive impact that you could have on others. You may not even understand what sets you apart, but the truth is, YOU DO have value, YOU CAN make a positive impact, THERE IS something that sets you apart from other singers out there no matter how many of millions of singers there are. After all, there's only one you and there's no other person that is an exact replica of who you are. You are truly valuable whether you feel like it or not, but wouldn't you want to be able to actually believe that and walk out your purpose in life knowing that YOU DO have value, YOU DO have a unique voice and personality that you can embrace and be excited about sharing with the world?

So, to the fearful singer, YOU DON'T have to let fear hold you back. The beautiful thing about being courageous is that intimidation, uncertainty, pain, danger, or agony may be present, but you've made the choice or had the willingness to face those things despite being afraid. The awesome thing about being courageous is that God is on our side, so our confidence is in Him. We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength!

Yes, you may feel fear, but you can do it afraid! And as weird as it may sound, that is the true definition of being FEARLESS. Fearless doesn't mean that you don't FEEL fear. It means that you are able to face or deal with fear without flinching.

I was a singer filled with fear, feelings of inadequacy, lacking the realization of the value that I had to offer to others to help them and to be a positive impact in their life, but now, I am determined to be the fearless singer. I'm ready to face any fear that tries to hinder me from stepping in front of an audience and sharing what I have to give knowing that I have what it takes to allow God to use me as a vessel to change someone's life for the better with the sound of my singing voice, and I'd love to help you too!

My name is LaShella Sanders, and I'm a voice teacher and owner of Ignite Vocal Studio. If you'd like to be apart of a program for singers that would help you become a greater vocalist and a fearless singer, click below to find out more information.

LaShella Sanders is the owner of Ignite Vocal Studio

LaShella Sanders

Certified Voice Teacher/Owner Ignite Vocal Studio

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