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Sing and Shine Youth Singing Session at Impact Church DFW

This past Sunday was filled with fun, laughter, support, and some good ol' singing with the youth at Impact Church DFW! Ignite Vocal Studio was blessed with the opportunity to host a youth singing session, and it was an adventure!

Pastor Kwesi Kamau demonstrates good breath support by participating in a timed hissing contest

There were various topics that were covered such as breath management, embouchure, legato and staccato singing, vibrato and straight tone techniques, and reasons why we as people sing all around the world. There were some youth who volunteered to grace us with their beautiful voices and stand in front to partake in helping to give some visual examples. The youth were also informed about tips on how to take care of their voices and some insight on the anatomy of the vocal folds. As you can see in the picture, we had our very own Pastor Kwesi Kamau excitingly showing off his hissing skills. Ha! So the adults had a great time too, and I would not forget to mention that everyone was such a great help.

We ended the last half of the session with collectively learning "Lift Every Voice" by James Weldon Johnson. What an adventure it was to hear every voice come together. It's amazing how each individual voice, as unique as it may be, can join with many other voices that are just as unique and create this powerful, beautiful melody.

I believe this was a great session, and the youth seemed to have fun! I'm looking forward to more community events in the near future for Ignite Vocal Studio.

Ignite Vocal Studio hosts a voice session for Impact Church DFW summer camp

Let's shine our light!

Impact Church DFW youth camp Sing and Shine Voice Session

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